notes from the weekend:

– nutella cake. “um, this is totally vegan. right?”
– also, no one told me that there was a little bit of chocolate left on my lip. jerks.
– receiving emailed recipes from M for using my new cast iron skillet.
– listening to To Pimp a Butterfly for an entire day
– scribbling down quotes from Scandal monologues. what’s become of me?
– bearded men at REI playing therapist to try to convince me to overcome my fear of bike riding
– going towards that which i resist the most (not just bike riding)
– my jacket still smelling like korean bbq the next day
– to my dismay, my skin still smelling like you the next day.
– the only way i drink beer is when i can have two sips of someone else’s
– lessons in anatomy
– one person dance parties (oonst oonst)
– secret pride in alliteration in my writing
– he’s got a big ego
sidewalk flowers
– the man who tapped me on the hand on the L train at midnight on a weekday and offered me a seat even though there were many people who probably needed it more. i smiled and declined. it made me more sure of the world.
– making oyakodon (attempt #1) in the morning
– i can smell the summer coming. i was never meant for the cold.
– the feeling after you’ve kissed someone, but haven’t told anyone about it yet

today’s journal entry:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.21.32 AM

i can’t tell when what you’re saying is truth or fiction.
so i’m holding my breath.

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