despite the rain a.k.a. BRING IT ON, APRIL SHOWERS!

why even the rain today can’t ruin my mood (a.k.a. BRING IT ON, APRIL SHOWERS!):

– fresh homemade pasta and (DAIRY-FREE!!) pesto made in a coffee grinder. by a man in an apron. hollaaaa. (p.s.- the apron proclaimed “I LOVE CASSOULET” and, coincidentally, the night before i had tried cassoulet for the first time. who says fate doesn’t exist?)

– halvah-flavored donuts from Underwest and really bad punning. also, being introduced to Meiji Gummy Chocos by my Spanish friend. i’m a terrible Asian.

– a rare phone conversation with my father (about business, of course), and the realization that he seriously has a great sense of humor. i only hope that i inherited a little bit. if anyone wants to hear any immigration law jokes, please let me know. i wrote them down.

– the loveliest matcha latte at a lovely coffee shop made by the loveliest Japanese barista. a girl walked in without her wallet and he insisted that she still get whatever she wanted. photos of this experience to follow soon.

– the man sitting at the counter who asked everyone in the shop if they would try a piece of bacon chocolate bar if he bought one. who says no to that? no one.

– “you must be Filipina because of those cheeks.” (the ones on my face)

– “you must know who Warren G is. girls from Houston know hip hop.” (for those that don’t…)

– dancing to Kendrick Lamar in public. i have no shame. i see you wanting to join in.


i’ll leave you with the Rousseau i read on the train ride to work this morning:

Real wisdom is not the knowledge of everything, but the knowledge of which things in life are necessary, which are less necessary, and which are completely unnecessary to know. Among the most necessary knowledge is the knowledge of how to live well, that is, how to produce the least possible evil and the greatest goodness in one’s life. At present, people study useless sciences, but forget to study this, the most important knowledge.

(Jean Jaques Rousseau)


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