today’s good long overdue cry aided by all of the feelings from april 2013

funny, this life’s cycle, right?

addendem: t, on “our love was worth a real long try.

C, on the keyboards, his wide-eyed grin. eating ice cream out of the carton. unicorn toothpicks to hold our olives together. making dirty martinis, made mine REAL dirty.  swirling water as if it were wine, out of habit. kendrick lamar, and listening to milky chance to prep. also, C changing the music to suit the eating of Thai food. the lightness of the drums keeping time to our laughter. massaman curry that was declared to be too spicy (though i thought it was just right). spoonfuls of honey from Spain straight from the jar, melting in my mouth like the mediterranean sunlight. take me back there.

snow falling from the branches.

crouching in the seat on the subway ride home, jacket hood on (even though it was warm), tears streaming down my face.

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