Month: April 2013

Wall Piece with 200 letters, by Mikko Kuorinki.

“Find a place you trust
try trusting it for awhile”

“Do animals
have less fear
because they
live without

“We must travel
in the direction
of our fear”

You don’t walk away from a church when there is no other church to go to. But the only way to see if there are demons lurking outside the circle is to crawl over the boundary that protects you. This was the real start of a revelatory life. I can’t take credit for any of the revelations, but a hidden force inside me was invisibly preparing the way.
Bottom line – follow your bliss.

Deepak Chopra (via)

explosions in the sky filling
the room with the
black marshmallow ceiling
the start of class with, “become more childlike,”
mat is the safe place, and
maybe i am the only one who sits in the dark at the end
holding back the tears
watching the silhouettes of everyone breathing
 r. saying that
we must believe there is a plan,
that we are exactly where we need to be,
that we should be nowhere else,
that when we believe
that everything is finished
that will be
the beginning.

and all i can think of
is the song title,
“your hand in mine.”