hot pot cures all. and be radishing.

Notes from the weekend:
– When in doubt about how to get fruit when there are no low-hanging ones in sight, climb the damn tree.
– Say yes to pie.
– Sometimes softness can lead to strength.
– Write down your dreams right when you wake up.
– Be brave enough to face into the wind and run on.
– Accidentally walked into a learn-how-to-sexy-dance class. Didn’t learn anything new. What does that mean?
– Choose the one who laughs loudly and with heart.
– What you learn after you think you know it all will probably be the most important thing in life.
– Hot pot cures all winter woes. And when in doubt about how to impress the girl, get the better fish balls with roe inside. And open a Cabernet.


– Be radishing!

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