In defense of tenacity

“We could say that love is a tenacious adventure. The adventurous side is necessary, but equally so is the need for tenacity. To give up at the first hurdle, the first quarrel, is only to distort love. Real love is one that triumphs lastingly, sometimes painfully, over the hurdles erected by time, space and the world.”
― Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love

Heartbreak is how we mature, Kafka insists, along with the thought that patience is the key. Along the same vein, Nietzsche talks about why a fulfilling life requires embracing rather than running from adversity.

Also, I’ve been pondering the use of conditional language. I’ve noticed the difference when people instead “talk about the future like it is a certainty” (via a comment made on Chris Sacca’s Product Hunt AMA today and this blog entry that I think the comment is referencing).

Other notes- the ballet, the lights of the Lincoln center at night. Potential, perseverance, patience, and how much I love it when you ask me to remember to write to you. As if I were the sort of person that could ever forget.

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