could this scene take place in a hot air balloon?

Well. Aren’t we the lucky ones? The summer cumulus clouds and fire-lit sunsets have been amazing. The various outdoor picnics, slumber parties, and dance parties on rooftops have begun.

Collected things that I have been wanting to share:

– Erno Rubik talks about how the inspiration for the Rubik’s cube stemmed from how water looks as it moves around pebbles.

– Speaking of Rubik’s cubes, I visited the FAO Schwarz store in Manhattan for possibly the last time before it closes its doors in July. Toys are still pretty magical. Also, we encountered the most expensive slinkies (gold) and etch-a-sketches (crystal) that I have ever seen.

– I enjoyed these humorous bits of advice from famous writers. I really liked the Donna Tartt quote on Tom Hanks characters, but I especially loved Murakami’s:

“Every time you write, ask yourself: Could this scene take place in a hot-air balloon? If the answer is yes, then it probably should.”

– In anticipation of Father’s Day- Harry’s On Fatherhood.

“A father must be many things to their children, but it really boils down to this: The role of a Father to a Son is to teach him how to be a good man. The role of a Father to a Daughter is to give her a model of what a good man is.”

– I train a lot more than I talk about here. I enjoyed thinking about the weird rituals of training that we all have. I’ll have to think about what rituals I practice every time I train. I liked the mention of Usain Bolt’s love of Chicken McNuggets.

– Next time your exercise instructor barks at you to get into plank position and hold it, maybe think about how the Guinness world record was broken last week by a former Marine officer, who held plank position for a total of 5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

– From here:

When Chase was eight [years old], a woman approached us at the grocery store and said, “What a handsome boy! What do you plan to be when you grow up, young man?” Chase looked at her and said, “I plan to be kind and brave, ma’am.”

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