mouths open to what’s above

rose in the rain by traci

traci in the rain by rose

originally posted on tumblr, entitled by Traci:

Three mouths; two open to what’s above them. (July 2012), film

photo of me in the Texas rain by Traci, photo of Traci covered in milk by me.


notes from last weekend:

      that thing about the great outdoors, the wildflowers, the light, and the humidity. that thing about bare feet propped up on the edge of rolled-down windows as the sky passes by.

that thing about my neck hurting gloriously from falling while learning handsprings in the flakey grass.

that thing about curling up in the hammocks and lazily watching the trees.

that thing about jumping in cold river water while the sunlight breaks through the clouds. that thing about the liberating scream while jumping.

that thing about stubbed fingers from throwing and catching footballs in the wet sunlight.

that thing about the nearness of majestic modes of transportation – like looking upward at low-flying airplanes and racing alongside ambling freight trains.

the dampness of the air that’s aching to rain,
the dampness of my eyes that are aching to see into (and eventually, through) you.

and that night, while drunk on music and southern heat, I grabbed your hand. I waved up to the underbelly of the plane and shouted in your ear over the thumping beat- my self-proclaimed forte, “Maybe the very best thing about me is that I remind people to look up.”

your eyes, looking skyward, agreed.

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