“you’re very romantic, for a cynic.”


“When I have a thousand options, I actually have none at all.” — Michael Haneke

“There is really one city for everyone just as there is one major love,” she wrote. In her diaries, she expressed her joy of landing in bohemian Greenwich Village, “where all night long typewriters click, people sing in the streets, hurdy gurdies go all day and the laundry boy reads Turgenev.”

— on The Diaries of Dawn Powell, the New Yorker (blogged in 2013)

He said to me “Kid, of all the stupid things I ever did
You know, I let her go when I should have pulled her in”
And he handed me his cell phone

When I called you were on your plane
Moving back to Portland for the rain
“You only get one person knows you best
And it’s temporary everybody else.”

— Matt Nathanson, Bill Murray

You won’t fall but when you think about them, and for all the pleasure of being a little higher the tradeoff is your own absence from presence. You’re losing your own fealty to the ground. Which can’t be ignored. You lose your earth for your sky.

— Eileen Myles, Protect You Me (blogged in 2015)

even to the roughest surf there’s a rhythm findable,
which is why we keep coming here, to find it

until that’s how we like it. I’ll break your heart, break mine.

— Carl Phillips, Radiance versus Ordinary Light (blogged in 2012 and recorded in 2015)



“Now New York seems like every little thing in it is beyond priceless, and nothing will ever be yours. That’s absolutely true, and you never will have the things that you helplessly crave—but also it has always been like that.

Let Me Tell You About The Most Heartfelt $200 I Ever Made, via NYMag

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