Currently sleepless, and not to dog on your hot dog, man, but I still can’t believe the incredible people that surround me in this life.

Our neighbors were grilling their frozen grey-hued meat patties and hot dogs while asking him, “Are you a chef?!” He grinned, looked at what they were “cooking,” and lied. “Well, of course I am.”

Meanwhile, I clamber atop countertops to document.

Menu today.

Taco bar:
– fresh grilled squid
– duck hearts
– pollock
– mackerel
– steak
– avocado drizzled in olive oil
– grilled zucchini
– red cabbage
– homemade pico de gallo
– Cholula and Tajin (what’s up, Mexico!)

– grilled onions
– mango salsa
– grilled Romaine hearts with ricotta, peas, and mint
– esquites/elote (corn on the cob with mayo, cotija, Tajin, and whatever other spicy shit I had in reach)
– copious amounts of great wine
– the sunset, baby. the skyline. and you.

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