when your friends know you are single and almost 30:

– the “hey, let’s get together in a group setting” invitations usually involve getting set up with someone
– “what about him?” at any random moment
– “maybe you’d get laid if you had your own apartment and didn’t have roommates.
– “maybe wear makeup more often?
– “do you even own a dress? stop wearing Lululemon yoga pants daily.
– “rose. you should totally get on the bachelorette. i would so vote for you if i were a bachelor.
– “your standards are probably too high. at this point you should probably just snag the next one you go on a date with.
– someone sent me a link on when i should start freezing my eggs.
– my mother: “so, how’s work, honey?

good times. i’m leaving the house to go traipse about in my Lululemon yoga pants now.

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