today ended up euphoric, somehow. despite the intensity of the first 9 hours of the day that were filled with endless exposure to small-talking strangers. (not a misanthropic comment, just signs of introversion).

night closed with the music of one of the most amazing and emotional performers i’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live (this was the 4th concert of hers that i’ve attended) accompanied by a fascinating bottle of champagne at one of Manhattan’s only fully-operational wineries.

i felt a swelling love again for this city’s rollercoaster rides.

Vienna Teng-02545

something she said as an interlude stayed with me-

that many of her musician friends have surpassed her in fame, but many of these famous friends receive an audience who come out to hear only one “hit” of theirs.

meanwhile, her own fans (including myself) will undoubtably shout out an array of song requests, and almost everyone is requesting a different favorite. her poetry has reached deeply, and maybe not always as broadly- this is exactly what i hope for in my life and writing. every song of hers crushed me as if it were the sea.


i’m fading to sleep, but i will break my rule of not writing while in this half-awake state. on a final whim I looked up something that had been eating away at me. the Wikipedia entry for Scheherazade rocked me like an earthquake.

I’ve quoted Richard Siken before, and last night during my Louise Glück binge I also re-read this. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.35.46 AM


goodnight, new york, new york, goodnight.

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