things that feel right

things that feel right:

– heavy curtains of humidity in the air
– looking up to see big marshmallow cumulus clouds in the sky
– decade-long friendships (which means these friends have all the dirt on me)
– eating fruit at my mom’s kitchen table
– since you walked into my life, i haven’t been able to stop writing. it’s not that i even sit down with the intention to write, it’s that i can’t not.
– feeling this renewed sense of wanting to discover and document. i want to take photos of EVERYTHING. my dining buddies roll their eyes, but i don’t care. i’ll take pictures of a piece of spinach because… spinach! and what if i want to show you later?
– it doesn’t really feel sad when it starts raining
– i mostly can’t sleep around you, but for the first time it doesn’t really seem to matter much
– eating dessert.
– and when dessert is vegan ice cream
– driving too fast with the windows down and top 40 hits on the radio
– big, airy, Texas-sized grocery stores (!!!)
– champagne and mango salad with an old friend
– 24 pieces of advice from Werner Herzog (the advice is for filmmakers but doubles as great life advice)
– Jason Nazar’s 35 questions that will change your life

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