rainy days. moroccan chicken lentil stew, which, as we learn form the image above, turns out to be not very photogenic. glad we have something in common.


A Yeezy for All Seasons – “The most labor-intensive, compulsive, and scientific way to determine the Greatest Kanye West Song of All-Time. (And, in the process, hopefully figure out why he means this much to me).”

My sister posted this article on Dr. Bill Thomas’s revolutionary experiment, and I found it very moving. I may have to sneak in a few sessions of hiding at Barnes and Noble and reading Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal.

Up until I graduated, I would get anxious if I didn’t have a watch on. I haven’t worn one in years now, but… seriously… how can you NOT covet an Apple Watch?!

And oh my goodness, while online-stalking a certain Longreads editor, I found his reference to this article about couples combining bookshelves. I adored it, because I quite ardently follow John Waters’s advice.

Fine. I still shamelessly follow Lululemon’s blog, and I found this entry on uni-tasking interesting. For the first time in my life, I have a pretty flexible work schedule and I find that I actually work best in the evening. While I’ve been following lifehacking tips and tricks for most of my internet life, I recently enjoyed reading this article on The Complete Guide to Productivity and Unclutterer’s time-blocking technique compilation.

Meaghan writes here:

“I am 30. I have not achieved everything I want to achieve in my life. I am still reeling with ambition and urgency, often without direction. I still haven’t figured out lipstick or my hair color or whether I look better with bangs or without. I keep forgetting how important it is to me to run, to cook, to write. In other words, I have not mastered my life yet, but I have also figured enough of it out to know I am not ready to forget it. I am clinging to this notion of my self, and fearing that everything about motherhood is a mandate toward selflessness.”

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