bangers and mash. (also, sausages and poached pear desserts)

We stared out the window and sucked in our breath. It was snowing. Again. Not the nice fluffy snow. Icy snow.

So, instead of the aforementioned mochi-making in pajamas while watching Birdman party, we embarked on a sausage/chorizo-making in sweatpants before watching Birdman party. Sausages are apt in almost any situation, I would say. Especially when it’s cold and icy outside- I can safely say that putting sausage inside me ensures a considerable increase in pleasure. Basically, if you hadn’t guessed, a full night of raunchy innuendo opportunities. Can’t get better than that. Yeah, f* you, February! March is here.

“Trust me, even 25 minutes of gently rolling them back and forth, jostling their plumply greased little bodies against each other, is not too long.”

Quotes of the night: “I think it’s too thick, it’s not gonna fit.” and “This one’s a big boy, no?”

Yes, and matcha-flavored Kit Kat served as appetizer. Don’t judge, it was amazing.

Final menu- bangers and mash, pan roasted leeks. Dessert was poached pears with a sherry wine reduction, nut brittle, new orleans praline ice cream (dairy-free for me, thanks DF Mavens), and glazed walnuts.

And to be honest, Birdman didn’t do the dinner justice.

Finally, a lovely pacharán to take the edge off the night.

Cheers, y’all. It’s above freezing and the ice is melting.  Damn, spring, you look fine, don’t you?

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