today’s oatmeal rendition: frozen banana slices, raisins, chai-flavored protein, almond butter, medjool dates, cinnamon.


– Michael Jou’s dance self-portraits (via ignant)
– watching sheets of ice race down the East River
Death & Co. makes soy candles!
– planning mochi-making parties while wearing pajamas and watching Birdman = win
– introducing my boss to jalapeƱo elote (Mexican esquites) – albeit in Brooklyn
– watching him devour them without sharing = win
– first latte art throwdown. it’s a thing.
– the winner was a girl that, earlier, i watched grind up on her friend while Drake was playing.
– it’s NEDA week. Choosing Raw features Green Recovery Stories that hit close to home.
– eating street tacos under the moonlight. who cares if it’s cold?
– almond butter out of the jar
– creating a “squattrack” for after eating almond butter out of the jar
– “i dare you.” ha! you dared the wrong person.
– i keep seeing posts about noma. i want to go to copenhagen.
– meeting instagram celeb photographers. he shoots with Leica.
– coveting cameras. and kitchen knives.
– boxes of unused 35mm film.
– my new plant.
– my hair is 6 months long.

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