“Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”
Immanuel Kant

– attempted meditation while sitting on on medicine balls
– muted moons and music
– peripheries of eating pineapples
– carl phillips poems and then coveting chef’s knives
truffle butter lyrics and more-than-telling discourses with ready smiles
– invisible cities in your eyes that i cannot land in
– things wrapped in bacon during last-minute soba dates
– kerouac and candlelight
– rum, we like it dark
– motorcycle rides, who cares about the cold?
– the cure for pain is in the pain
– and of course when love isn’t madness, it isn’t love

“Love, not power.
Inclusion, not exclusion.
Connection and solidarity rather than rank and hierarchy.
Touch rather than distance.
Compassion rather than control.”
– Rob Bell

p.s. on that note, i found the ubiquitous one-liner i put in all of my old AIM chat profiles.

“tread carefully, love recklessly”

watch out, rose from the 1990s.

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