Memorial Day weekend’s daily diet: 

– small servings of whatever Dean Young poems I could find on the internet and that only served to make me hungry for more words (even poetry isn’t free)
– sticky marshmallows and concoctions of chocolate
– red meat and wine of similar hues
– “vegetables will likely get you kicked out but I got some here for you anyway.”
– lavender and peppermint tea, sage in our hands
– a curious absence of kale
– pistachios carelessly shelled
– bluegrass and blue grass and looking into other things of similar hues
– Mozart rising and harmonica accompanying, finally Bach to even out the score
– whipped up doses of cotton candy clouds
– crisp bites of mid-morning sunlight and shadows
– grains of dust (accidental)
– icy river water (purposeful)
– berries in different forms
– rocks and hearts skimming surfaces and skipping beats
– more Beats as in: egg omelettes, headphones, old men drumming happily along to “I can’t get no satisfaction,” Kerouac, the West, and the whole Generation

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