“Hark, dumbass, the error is not to fall but to fall from no height.
Don’t fall off a curb, fall off a cliff.”

― Dean Young

i’m not gonna lie- in every way that i’m an obsessive list-and-spreadsheet-and-calendar organizer, i’m also a complete rebel against rules when it comes to certain other types of creation – for the longest time i avoided titling blog entries, and capitalizing, and being careful, and creating structure, and adjusting photos to perfect white balance just because, well, sometimes those things stunt the very art of it all. yes, i’m perfectly aware that this is why i could never be a successful professional photographer.

to be truthful, i’ve avoided technique because i’m actually terrified of imperfection. i never took tango lessons, i never took cooking lessons, i never learned photo editing, i never took proper writing classes. though i should do all of the above. i just kind of try to feel my way into doing things. yeah, i do fail. all the time. but what i do decide to do, i try practice a lot. and with a big dose of heart.

yesterday someone talked about the imperfect white balance of one of my photos and i was like, hmm. so in jovial response (retaliation?) i created a project of the unseen ones, in all their glorious off-angles and off-light and off-balances. of course, there are other reasons for these photos – my lifelong journey to notice (and celebrate) the extraordinary in the ordinary.

i mean, there’s a time and place for it all, isn’t there?

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.18.31 AM

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