surprise spring flowers

strange juxtaposition.

after wading through all the strangely melancholic feelings from the weekend and earlier this morning, i received a surprise delivery of spring flowers. all of my favorite colors, now sitting in the minimal sunlight. but still, sunlight it is.

it floored me, and reminded me to chin up. any and all reminders welcome, you know?

what is heartache anyways, if not growth? (fuck, did i really just say that? i must be a fool.)

gratitude, despite the heartache. warm interiors, despite the cold.

“I didn’t think the second heart break would make me remember the first with such startling accuracy. Not the bad parts, per se, but the parts of getting through it: the songs and time spent and beach days and friends there for me and the finding other people to laugh and stay up all night with. I forgot, you know? About California. Not trying to be so good all the time. Just sort of hanging out.”

– via Cassie

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