new york city food and drink adventures (no longer updated)

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Notes to remember by (as a supplement to my less-than-often-updated Yelp reviews) – the epic NYC food and drink adventures thus far, from memory (which means it’s definitely not all-inclusive). Also could be entitled “wherein I try to convince people to go to awesome vegan places with me even though I’m not vegan.”

I’ll try to eventually update all of them with one-phrase “highlights.”

This doesn’t include coffeehouses, which I probably need an entirely different list for.

– Random Japanese Curry that made the top of his head sweat. (Curry-Ya)
– Mediocre Japanese barbecue with plenty of whiskey to make it better. (Gyu-Kaku)
– David Chang’s culinary greatness. Four times so far. (Momofuku Noodle Bar)
– Flushing Dim Sum with the best name (Asian Jewels)
– Pretty amazing pate with figs. Dim light, wine, pear salads, flickering candles. (YN)
– Mixology heaven. And fries. Hide from the winter here. Moscow mules and hot toddies done right. My favorite neighborhood speakeasy cocktail bar (Dutch Kills)
– My favorite neighborhood restaurant all around-  with hands down the best servers (none of whom are native New Yorkers) (LIC Market)
– Mediocre Midtown tanmen where tipping is not mandatory (Riki)
– French food paired with the best wine. Escargot and amazing bread. (Amelie)
– Charcuterie, bourbon, live jazz. and hush-hush rendezvous. (Analogue)
– No one can officially say they reside in NYC without having tried these. (Doughnut Plant)
– Overrated but immensely popular, partially due to proximity to the Highline. (Cookshop)
– Of course, my very own. (Ellary’s Greens)
– Rustic, underground, and the best pear almond upside-down cake. with vanilla gelato. (The Smile)
– The onion rings are to die for. Oh, yeah, and there are burgers. (Bareburger)
– Lost my bone marrow virginity here. Also, who knew that hake could be so good? and kale and barley soup? (Blue Ribbon Brooklyn)
– Creme Brulee donut. (Doughnut Plant)
– So, they have a *secret* wagyu beef over duck fat fried rice dish that you have to call and reserve ahead of time. We didn’t know, but the yellowfin tuna and the bone marrow/escargot toasts are still pretty good. (Fedora)

– Seafood done the Bobby Flay way. But the star of the show? Vegetarian paella- kale and wild mushroom, to be exact. (Gato)
– Again, the rice takes the cake. fried arroz negro! And anything with avocado. (Estela)
– That drunken cowgirl dish. Vegan heaven. (Champs Diner)
– He warned me that it may not be the best for my “dairy” problem, but our waitress was able to spout off all the options without dairy (she herself being lactose intolerant). Oxtail and orange marmalade tartine! and leeks! Their cookbook is astounding. (Buvette)
– Hands down the best pizza. And vegan too? Get out. just Get Out. (Paulie Gee’s)
– Vegan and gluten free crepes, homemade “newtella” that has no dairy, basically my tender belly’s heaven. (Little Choc Apothecary)
– Mint gnocchi with lamb?? What! Delicious. Vodka pizza looked fabulous, and they have a mezcal old-fashioned. Yes please. (Rubirosa)
– Mofongos and vegan scrambles. Oh, and yes, Kahlua Iced Coffee. Wintry delights. (Cafe Ghia)
– Needed a stiff one. (Cask Bar + Kitchen)

– It’s all about that black cod with miso! (Nobu 57)
– Uni and scallops, wagyu beef, jackets required. Worth the 5 inch heels. (Le Bernadin)
– Geezus. Live delicious jazz with fall-off-the-bone ribs. Hand me a napkin. (Jazz Standard | Blue Smoke BBQ)
– That corn though. (Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken)
– They were NOT joking with that mojito. And some Cuban-style salsa, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. (Guantanamera)
– Quickie at the Mondrian Soho. I meant the restaurant, you dirty minds. Lovely crudo and salad plates. (Isola)
– Whiskey. and lots of Purple Rain with Drake interludes. That’s all I remember. Also, the name could have been taken quite literally that night. (Weather Up)
– Thai pork sliders, and they have Frito Pie. until 4am?! Dim and bustling, just how you’d hope. (Mother’s Ruin)
– Who knew that celery root cooked inside a pig’s bladder could be my favorite dish of a tasting menu? Also, possibly one of the best dining experiences overall, on Earth. So far. (Eleven Madison Park)

– First Michelin tasting menu experience. Intimate, and talked a lot about wines from the Finger Lakes region. (Torrisi Italian Specialties)
– Down to earth. Yellowfin tuna tartare and beet salad were good staples. (Bleecker Street Kitchen)
– Lots of things served on top of bread. A last-minute-Valentine’s day, too. (Tartinery)
– Birthday tasting menu. Learned what squab tastes like. (Degustacion)
– Possibly the best sushi on the planet, though I could only afford to order maybe 3 pieces of sashimi. (Blue Ribbon Sushi Soho)
– Vegan bliss, basically. Yummy Moroccan tagine. (Blossom on Carmine)
– Damn, now THAT is some tuna. Sesame-crusted-yellowfin-tuna-steak with wasabi mashed potatoes and bok choy. I died and went to heaven. (Spring Street Natural)
– I literally did not want the bagel. I just wanted that amazing smoked salmon. (Russ and Daughters)
– Wontons, carrot cake, all vegan. And mango lassi without dairy? YES. (Peacefood Cafe)
– Oh man. Tofu cheesecake. I know, I know. But seriously it was delicious. (Quantum Leap)
– Lots of seitan and tempah. Meh. (Wild Ginger)
– Lots of hype about their jam. Avocado on everything was good though. (Sarabeth’s)
– Macrobiotic bowls? It felt very Gwyneth Paltrow. Pretty delicious vegan options though. (Angelica Kitchen)
– That honey wine though. Goes great with the Ethiopia injera. Vegetarian combo is especially delish. (Meskel Ethiopian)
– I shit you not, he won a grasshopper-eating-contest here. (Rhong Tiam)
– Nasi Goreng (fried rice)and if you can have milk, get the Indonesian avocado coffee concoction! (Kopi Kopi)
– In desperate search of Vietnamese pho that is comparable to that of Houston’s. (Pho Grand)
– That avocado toast is winning. Don’t leave without the Moroccan cous cous either. (Cafe Gitane)
– Oh brunch. (Cafe Mogador)
– Fireplace and all. And some damn good quinoa spinach cakes. (Siggy’s Good Food)
– Charcuterie to die for. (Corsino- Closed now)
– Embarrassing. I swear we only came here for the guac and margaritas. (Caliente Cab)
– Dripping, greasy, cubano sandwich deliciousness. Also has some great breakfast options. (Cafe Habana)
– Oh man. I get to throw peanut shells on the ground? and there is honky tonk music? (Rodeo Bar & Grill- Closed now)
– Don’t hate me, but I actually really loved the vegan sushi. I know, I didn’t believe anyone could love vegan sushi. (Beyond Sushi)
– Tiny cinnamon sugar donuts. Either fun or nauseating to watch how they are made. (Doughnuttery)
– We sat in the garden in the back. I literally wanted to try everything on the menu. Even the cocktails are vegan. I know, you hate me more now. (Pure Food and Wine)
– Embarrassed again. Guys from CT obviously don’t know their Mexican. (Dos Caminos)
– Acoustic craziness. (Rockwood Music Hall)
– Seriously the best diner burgers ever. We went on an HIMYM-like hunt for these! (Bonnie’s Grill)
– Bombass breakfast everyday, and homemade biscuits that are like heaven. and pit smoked bbq. Super bustling, but worth the wait. (Bubby’s)

Saxon + Parole (with KF) – Bloody Mary do-it-your-way
Boqueria (with B) – merguez
San Marzano (with KF)
DF Mavens (with J) – so. much. dairy. free. shit. AWESOME.
Ellary’s Greens (of course! with R, and then I worked there)
– Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant (with S)
Xi’an Famous Foods (with everyone!) – the spicy lamb cumin noodles, end of story
Lanzhou Handmade Noodles (with R)
Public – with N and A
Butterlane Cupcakes
Dos Toros. Sigh. Just go to Chipotle, please.
Georgetown Cupcake (with A for birthday) – salted caramel.
Joe’s Shanghai (with G + RW) – soup dumplings. meh.
Toro NYC (with the team)
Lelabar (with A) – best bartenders. rub elbows with Christian Bale.
– Toad Hall (with M) – whoa seriously, what was in that blueberry drink?
Jin Fong Dim Sum (with P and JB) – oh man. stuffed.
The Path Cafe (with K) – live jams and lentil soup
Laduree Soho (with A)
One Lucky Duck – meh juices
Asuka Sushi (with JB) – pretty good sashimi lunch deal
ABC Cocina (with S) – tapa style!
MUD (with S) – beautiful, rustic, but forgettable food. Open early for breakfast daily though!
Terraza 7 (with MJ) – seriously one of the best live music bars
The Organic Grill – vegan burger!
Raymi (with the girls) – BOTTOMLESS CEVICHE during happy hour
Num Pang Sandwich Shop (with JJ)
– The Cinnamon Snail – don’t get me started with this. it’s just too good to be vegan.
Mokbar Ramen (with the team) – Korean fusion ramen? so-so.
Ear Inn (with P + E) – claims oldest bar in the city. great live jazz
Victory Garden – Pozole and goat’s milk soft serve – and HALVAH!
Excellent Pork Chop House (with L) – seriously, underground birthday party with Taiwanese pork chop rice
Bread’s Bakery – seriously, that chocolate nutella babka is ridiculous.
Rochelle’s (with K and D) – come make out here.
Cafe Rue Dix – Senegalese, y’all.
– Random Arepa Place in Jackson Heights (with MJ) – spoke Spanish. it was 3 am. Worth it.
Shake Shack (with the team) – only in Madison Sq Park is it worth it. they serve wine and beer, outdoors. yes.
Von (with A) – hip wine bar.
Cocoron (with MJ) – first time trying dipping soba!
Don’s Bogam (with N + J) – bibimbap!
– Cafe Silan – oh man did I not mention the espresso bbq pulled chicken sandwich? yes.
Queens Kickshaw (with R)
Peter Pan Donuts (with A) – i can’t even. that cake donut though!
Pala (with K) – the gnocchi and vegan pizzas.
Vinnie’s Pizzeria (with K) – more vegan slices. plastic booths like an old Dairy Queens, shitty linoleum and all.
Mei Li Wah (with J and S) – ugh best bbq pork buns
– Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant (with S)
Caracas Arepa Bar (with J + S)
Vegan Shop Up – (With J + P)
Pine Box Rock Shop – with P
– Fat Cat (with R) – games and you can bring whatever food you want!
Cornelia Street Cafe (with J + S + K)
Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (with R) – the only thing I could have was the rainbow-colored popsicle, but not complaining
Spice (not proud of this either) but the pad thai was aight.
Pommes Frites (with T)
Peanut Butter and Co (with T) – the Elvis, with bacon!
Mamak – Malaysian done right. That rendang stew!
Pop-bar (with J + S)
Brooklyn Bagel (with J) – bialy! cheated and went to the Astoria location
Temple Bar (with AP) – whoa. old fashioned. give it to me.
Maison Premiere (with MG) – absinthe, and this head bartender is absurd. Oysters, too.
Juliette (with so many) – best corned beef hash on the planet
Sweetwater Social – for my birthday, with great Moscow Mules
shanti shack (with S) – i love sitting in the ash room upstairs. munch munch.
Egg (with K) – meh
Five Leaves (with A)
Brazilia Cafe – where i hide out a lot
Sweet and Vicious (with K) – dance your ass off
Madison Square Eats (with D)
The Grey Dog (With many) – so Michigan themed! good lunch place.
Comodo (birthday!) – pork belly hash
Bassanova Ramen (with K + D) – meh.
Ippudo Ramen (with D)
Ivan Ramen LES (with R + A + F)
The Bar @ XIV (with R) – that espresso cocktail though!
Caravan of Dreams – vegan lunch by myself. pretty awesome.
Radegast Hall and Biergarten (with K) – bratwurst, y’all.
Giovanni Rana (with S) – squid ink pasta!

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