Ukeleles and Brass

I’m a sucker for men who play ukelele and blow on horns.

I mean, you know.

Getting ready to see one of my favorite bands this week, and letting the sound of brass wrap around me. Their brand new album just dropped on September 11th.

Beirut’s Tiny Desk Concert (via NPR)

Beirut’s Take Away Show (via La Blogothèque)
*I love Take Away Shows, but if you get bored while they are trying to find a venue to play, skip to the part when he starts playing ukelele. Seriously, though, who wouldn’t want to hear Zach Condon speak French? Or, the end when he plays a tiny duet, supposedly teaching someone. “Yeah, yeah. Just like that.  

Bonus fun one, because ukelele: twenty one pilots covering Can’t Help Falling In Love.

Now go outside and watch the super/blood moon. Happy Sunday!

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