so it begins.

this morning’s first listen:
“and this is a new year for love
love in the future
not the love i lost”

and if you decide not to read the rest of the post or click on any of the links, at the very least, there is this (which is part of why 2015 won’t suck).

Sometimes we’re all trying so hard to feel something, anything – we take drugs to magnify everything just to take more to subdue it, we eat dessert, we starve intentionally, we stay up, we fall asleep, we go dancing, we break up, we get drunk, we get back together, we watch movies, we wear headphones, we go to music festivals, we cross-country ski in subzero weather, we read fiction, we have sex with strangers (and acquaintances, and friends), we ride motorcycles, we fall, we get up again, we fight, we watch football, we root for a team, we run 26.2 miles, we dive, we want to belong but we want to feel different, we chase tornadoes, we go to Vegas, we flee from storms, we don’t call, we pay to jump out of planes, we buy purses and shoes and bling and Chanel No. 5 and $5 lattes –

but when we really, finally feel something real, we seem to have very little idea what to do with it.

Here’s to feeling deeply and being okay with it.


to be published later, a more thought-out approach to the year already passed. but until then-

notes on new year’s eve (guess the unintentional theme):

– bone-in ham, bourbon glaze
– all gold everything
– we won’t forget
– “Cheers y’all!”
– those shrimp toasts and sriracha, though!
– eating cake with chopsticks (sea salt chocolate, okay?)
– “pop it quietly”
– “what’s your type?”
– dance awards
– helicopter landings and world class pick-up lines

and the music!

H-town representing all night long. we brought the Texas to Brooklyn.

7/11 at midnight, legs moving side to side, crip walking the wanksta way, dougie style, twerk teaming, bunny hoppin‘, and the southside, everybody did the southside, yeah. oh and dropped that alcohol. y’all don’t even know. in the end, girls from Texas are just a little bit better.

i know you care.

happy new year.
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