– christmas lights, everywhere.
– cold hands and warm drinks
– johnny depp hats for the gentlemen
– the curious use of almond milk
– mispronouncing “muscadet” but drinking it anyway
– reused clocks and coat racks
– drunk in love, remixed (the song, and the experience of it)
– birds
– “you’re cute, you can dance, and you might be the wittiest/funniest girl i’ve met. why are you still single?” “because i choose to be.”
– Colombian men disguised as British ones
– punctuation
– “that’s an accurate portrayal of what really happens.”
– the way sunsets happen at 4pm
– softness, and relativity
– letting go of what does not serve you
– letting go of what does not serve you
– my heart serves me, my thoughts do not
– my mind serves me, my heart does not
– naughty savasana
– the last asana of the night, done beside you

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