morning: experimentation with yolky eggs, sriracha, and a healthy dose of the xx and new d’angelo.

three friends messaged me within the past 24 hours about what i am doing for New Year’s Eve. i found myself content with having absolutely no inkling of what i will be doing. more important: the frame of mind i would like to maintain on into the new year.

speaking of, i highly recommend reading this recent brainpickings issue, which discusses being alone and also a perspective on “waking up” to life- which is not only relevant to this time of day, but also a concept that i personally think about all the time.

Our minds are all we have. They are all we have ever had. And they are all we can offer others… Every experience you have ever had has been shaped by your mind. Every relationship is as good or as bad as it is because of the minds involved.

and also, the thought that

presence is far more rewarding than productivity.

it’s grey and overcast outside. but let’s be present today and tackle the world together, shall we?

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