Today, the cold came. Though it did so with warning and fanfare, still I found myself unprepared.
I could not feel my lips.

yet, I smiled anyway.

J instructed me on the difference between chives and jiu cai. 
We sampled apple cider home-brewed with cloves. And pondered the sugar content.

Then, R came over and we roasted some acorn squash together.
Then he casually sharpened my knife with the bottom of a ceramic bowl.
It was sexy.

He told me I am one of the most deceptively guarded people he knows. I slowly realized that perhaps this is true.
It’s been a while since my face has appeared here, and I don’t let anyone see my room.
I pretend my heart is a fortress and stand forlornly wondering what to do when someone tries to scale its walls.
Mostly, I adore mystery, so perhaps I preserve it in myself.

I lost all of my spices and my teapot and tea leaves during the last move, but I vowed to rebuild my collection.

“The lack of height made me kiss your neck.”

Recently, I’ve been listening to many songs about falling asleep- coincidentally during a time when I find it impossible to do just that.

– san francisco (by om). my quiet little version of lost in translation.

Only now, after midnight, do I find peace to sit down and write.
Only now, after midnight, do I feel warm.

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