this weekend, i developed an overly obsessed attitude towards the things below.

for some of them, i think it’s a combination of “what the f, why is it 50 degrees already?” (i am used to 95 degree Septembers) and “oh my god this means that i will be hibernating soon for the winter time).

– vacuum insulated containers (fuck yes, i need a vacuum insulated tumbler to add to my collection of insulated water bottles. for when i don’t want to mess with a lid and all) and also insulated lunch containers since i’m too poor to buy my lunch and it saves. you. SO MUCH money.
– Milo Greene, Sylvan Esso, She Keeps Bees (see my all-over-the-place spotify list here)
– calling it an early night so that i can retreat home and actually have time to listen to music, comb through my feedly subscriptions, and drink hot tea (assumedly, out of one of my 57 vacuum insulated containers)
– raw cashews
– eating dinner on the rooftop, while watching the sun set
– candles (but none of which i have lit, yet)
– really functional bags so that i can carry at least 3 extra layers of clothing “just in case” it gets cold throughout the day


– the rain this morning
– woke up early and walked to a coffee shop in the rain underneath the MoMA sky umbrella that i bought the first time i ever visited NYC over a decade ago
– two irish men at another coffee shop i was hanging out at shared their rosemary sea salt chocolate chip cookie with me
– yoga class. savasana.
– sat facing Broadway a block away from Union Square to people watch. then i walked to one of my favorite bookstores and wandered aimlessly in complete bliss for an hour
– the rain turned into the most perfect sunset
– ate M’s delicious quinoa paired with some sushi while watching the sunset
– early day tomorrow. but i never mind, because i absolutely love what i do.

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