last night:
“I would rather be poor in New York City than rich anywhere else”

– crazy birthday party held at a Taiwanese pork chop restaurant after closing. ate the.entire.bowl. of pork chop over rice. oh, and noodles. oh, and tea boiled eggs. oh yeah, Maker’s Mark too. ginger ale. electronic dance music. dancing.  cake. you know, in the middle of deserted Chinatown. cops came in. no big deal.
– jalapeno cucumber drinks. what?
– the weather oh my god the weather. summer please never end.
– watching my boss try to dance
– subway lights flickering at 2am. I’m pretty sure we were in an upcoming scene for The Walking Dead or some other related apocalyptic show
– they asked me what i wanted, and i said i don’t drink coffee, and he said, just let me make you my specialty. so there it was, a damn good cup of coffee at Hugh Jackman’s coffee shop

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