yoga in a sun drenched room,

then gluttony.

market where they cook the fish you choose (today, branzino) and then you eat it. with a humongous greek salad and terrible-but-awesome buttered bread. And ample squeeze lemon juice. With hearty greek men smiling at you, hoping eagerly that you’re enjoying your food.

then, home-ground and brewed coffee. i brought my own almond milk because i’m a coffee wuss (read: i like my sugar with coffee and cream). i also experimented by mixing it with homemade sujeongwa (korean cinnamon hot punch/tea). and we tried different pairings of brooklyn-made (synonymous with self-declared ridiculously artisanal) chocolate.

finally- mate with honey, ginger, and lemon zest. “oh, this is so drinkable!”

and, at the asian supermarket later, “hey, can you make really good mexican food?”
i blanked.
dammit, i guess i know why i need to go back to texas.

the day?
it was all all right, i guess.

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