deep breath.

self awareness
– building from the inside out
– reading on the subway
– noticing all the proud futbol-jersey-wearing new yorkers
– that hispanic girl who asked me about what i was looking at on my phone, and she turned out to be from texas, and then she turned out to be from houston but living in north carolina, and she smiled sweetly and told me that yeah it’s fucking hard but i’d make it in the city, just give it a chance. her friends giggled and said she should get my number. she led her kids out onto the 34th/herald square stop, prepared to go to the M&M store.
– they weren’t lying. it gets really hot here.
– hope against hope, hope against the ropes, hope rising, hope falling, hope exhaling, hope sweating in the humidity, hope blaring in the sirens, hope drilling in the streets
– generosity, here, take my soup
– this. is not a love story.

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