i love it when a friend is about to prepare a meal for me and IN ADDITION says, “do you want to see what’s in my fridge?”
i love the whole process, watching people prepare food with care and love and passion. 
“emergency lemongrass” was the final thing he showed me. you can see it peaking out on the right. he makes a tom yum that apparently will knock my socks off. 
here is today’s lunch decadence, reward for not dying while rock climbing. also for not dying while riding on the seat of his road bike while he pedaled all the way home?! even in new york, where you see everything, it was a sight to see. 
beef pho. 
fresh sashimi. 
papaya salad(!).
and a not-ripe-enough peach yet, that was crunchy yet delicious. 
basically, yes. 

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