– walked alone to the Hudson, hungering for the sunset. found live jazz and sat on the lawn marinating in the silhouettes of sailboats against the setting sun.
– meeting Elaine with the brilliant smile, who read to me about numerology and told me that she tells all New Yorkers to “go. leave. find somewhere new.”
– biking to Governor’s Island, wind and sun and the Statue of Liberty on the horizon
– samba dancing on picnic blankets while eating too much hummus and guacamole (why is this always the case? you can never have just a little bit)
– successfully sneaking wine bottles into places that don’t allow them
Рhomemade hainan ji fan, everyone fanatically and unsuccessfully trying to avoid the chocolate chip walnut cookies i brought, and game of thrones
– late night conversations on trains about India and books we are reading
– walking on Mott street when it is utterly deserted on a Saturday night
– experiencing sunbathing in a public park, for the first time
– rooftop barbecues and homemade sangria at homes of strangers
– nothing is ever spicy enough
– world cup discussions
– dreams, exhaustion, hope- the daily cocktail

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