meandered through the city, stopped at the park for an impromptu one-on-one lesson on street kali. learned how to take an attacker’s eyes out, and also some choke holds. but of course, practical application is… uncertain.

spent the evening at a new lounge listening and dancing to live salsa music played by a full salsa band, i mean, full 11 pieces, with all the fixin’s. my knee throbbed a bit as we danced, but it was worth it. who knew that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alabama Shakes, and Arcade Fire could be turned into full-on hip-swinging latin-rhythm covers? yeah, it was like that.

the look that people get on their faces when they dance. it is worth it just for that.

also, i cannot tell you how much i look forward to avocado toast lunches?!

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