hey guys, happy friday, and remember to:

recently my mom and i have gotten into the habit of exchanging text messages daily about our meals.
yesterday she asks me, “guess what i’m having for lunch??”
and i said, “a slice of the ice cream cake that’s been sitting in the freezer”
and she said “yes!! i haven’t eaten any in two days, i had to catch up.”

breakfast today-
– 2 poached eggs (can use splash of sushi vinegar in the water, bring to medium heat. drop egg in ramekin. swirl water. drop egg gently in the vortex. swirl occasionally for 3-5 minutes. take out with slotted spoon.)
– black beans
– mushrooms sauteed with garlic and black pepper
– top with cracked red pepper
serve garnished with avocado and ample amounts of sriracha.

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