I spent the weekend in strangers’ arms.
Many asked if they could do it again.
Many smiled noiselessly.
Many felt music differently from me.
I spent the weekend saying hello and then walking away quietly in the span of 3 minutes and 28 seconds.
We can live a lifetime like this.
We can build a lifetime like this.

1) hello, my name is
2) where are you from?
hold each other.
move with each other.
feel intimate, or don’t.
“i’m sorry i hurt you, it was an accident”
pause. or move on.
staccato, or to add a fermata.
“i am sorry, this is too fast for me. perhaps next time.”
“could i find you again later?”
“i really enjoyed that. could i dance with you to different music?”
3) are we on the same rhythm? can we coexist to the same rhythm while moving differently?
move quickly, violently.
move slowly, sensually.
improvise. or follow patterns.
fall into habit.
fall into novelty.
try something new. fail.
try again.
fall down.
4) thank you.
5) …
look for the next one.

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