how to feel whole again:

be a passenger into the blue. doesn’t matter which hue: the sky, the sea, the whitish-blue of the stars. eyes.
step on the leaves, find where the reds and yellows turn back into greens.
stop for coffee but get a chunk of dark chocolate to gnaw on instead.
listen to canadian fusion folk music and let yourself be confused.
put seashells in your pocket, tiny ones, the shape and size of your pinky nail.
look at photographs of peaceful homes that you want to live in one day.
be ok with being in a state of contradiction.
respond to letters that end with “thanks for being my friend.”
don’t be perfect.
listen to piano and strings. a nice example linked by CM.
read short stories. (thanks, KH)
eat jalapenos and avocado in the same bite.
notice the sunset. and mostly-ignored bodies of water, such as Houston bayous.
give up excuses.

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