on a separate vein, the best comments from halloween. aka, overheard in NYC.

“where are your green tights, robin?” “with my red underwear, in the wash. had a busy night.”
“looking good, wolverine. hope you have a condom for tonight.”
“you’re the hottest asian girl i’ve ever seen. is your boyfriend around?”
“hello, my name is hugh hefner.” (pickup line)
“feel his pecs. he is so hot.” “um, do you know him?” “no, i don’t. but i am so wet.”
“if you’re actually rogue, you should be wearing gloves. oh. you are. damn. did your research!”
“don’t worry, his other asian girlfriend didn’t have a personality”
“that’s a goddamn python.” (yes, it was a real python)
“wait, doesn’t wolverine look like edward scissorhands when he tries to wipe the table with his claws?”

aptly, this is my 800th post at this home.

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