Additional notes:
– tatami, umami, chirashi. unagi, nigiri vs sushi vs sashimi
– lure, in a boat-like state, lure, in a lake-like state. champagne flutes
– running in the rain, and scaffolding lessons. i can run now?? no, at that realization, it turned into leaping through the rain.
– dancing in the humidity, everyone celebrating a roof over their heads, “sweet & vicious,” we can make it!, dancing on the coffee tables, dancing on the stairs
– so much green
– the leaves changing already
– the first day of autumn, man. when love is born (we swore to each other that spring is overrated)
– angel food cake. “holiday” watching. dreaming
– the full moon. moon cakes.
– clouds. “scenic overlooks”
– hours in the car. hours.
– curiouser
– and curiouser

also, from a project by Miranda July (I love that they described it as “curated intimacy“, the author Etgar Keret writes:

Asthma Attack

When you have an asthma attack, you can’t breathe. When you can’t breathe, you can hardly talk. To make a sentence all you get is the air in your lungs. Which isn’t much. Three to six words, if that. You learn the value of words. You rummage through the jumble in your head. Choose the crucial ones–those cost you, too. Let healthy people toss out whatever comes to mind, the way you throw out the garbage. When an asthmatic says “I love you,” and when an asthmatic says “I love you madly,” there’s a difference. The difference of a word. A word’s a lot. It could be “stop,” or “inhaler.” It could be “ambulance.”

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