“The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it.”

– Stanley Kubrick

Also, many people ask me how I manage to travel so much. Two very important things- I choose my travel partners and who I go to see very wisely (okay, and sometimes not so wisely, but I learn quickly from those experiences), and I also try never to pay for unnecessary hotel rooms. Which means I have a lot of strict rules for myself as a guest. Design*Sponge has a nice article about choosing travel partners and being a guest in someone’s home. They hit a home run with some fantastic rules of thumb.

I read today that “the gateway drug to making is breaking” (Cory Doctorow) and I started thinking about that in terms of relationships. How perhaps sometimes we don’t know how to fix something until we break it into pieces, and suddenly the puzzle becomes clearer. It’s not always the case, and sadly sometimes we break it a little too messily to fix but. It’s a thought.

And, in response to my question about whether or not one can write good poetry when happy, my friend’s incredible response:

i think most poems are written while happy, but just recounting the melancholy in appreciation. in my experience, most writers are most productive when happy. seems to be a myth regarding the sad writer type. solitude is often confused with sadness i suppose

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