the famous J.J. Watt finger wag. he’s good because he believes he will be good. you tell ’em, J.J.!

It’s a softball question possessing about as much bite as a Disney cartoon. It’s one of those queries that leaves you wondering if the reporter who asked it is merely trying to court favor with J.J. Watt. 

But Watt is still having none of it. 

He bats it down like it’s a Ryan Tannehill pass. For this softball question — as cushy and happy as it seems to be — contains elements of limiting J.J. Watt’s vision. And the Houston Texans defensive game changer absolutely refuses to accept such talk. No matter how kindly it appears. 

So when a reporter earnestly asks Watt if he could have a better season in 2013 even without those supersized 2012 stats, the defensive end practically scoffs back. 

“I’m going to be better,” Watt firmly insists. “Just watch.” 

And it’s clear by better, Watt doesn’t mean in some intangible way suggested by the questioner. No, Watt means better in the measurables too. As in 20 and a half sacks, 16 passes defensed and four forced fumbles are just the starting point.

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