I often have internal struggles about this blog. Should I keep writing here? Should I write somewhere else? Should I write only privately? Should I migrate to my tumblr? My friend Angie paid a high compliment to the snippets I post here, and I often have the same internal debate that she mentions here. There are so many mediums nowadays to post and share our thoughts. I think about posting a comparison of all the ways I “get things done” – online checklists, syncing private journals across devices, managing email addresses, managing email content, attempting to code, building things, keeping track of tips and recipes, etc. Sometimes it’s a chore just to keep track of the WAYS we keep track of things! I am super interested in what tools people use and how people work.

Anyway. No matter what we all decide to do- here’s to evolution, and constantly challenging ourselves to discover new ways of being creative, and/or using the old ways to discover other avenues of creation.

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