part of me knows that it will get redundant to talk about this, but this is where i write, so i’m going to write. one of the directors from my company called to check in on me today. in the hustle and bustle of business, i couldn’t even fully express my gratitude that one of my bosses would offer to bring me groceries or to give me a ride to the doctor’s office. even though he knows i most likely have friends and family taking care of me, he assured me that all of the executives were willing to help me if i needed it.

call me cliche, but i can’t stop smiling these days. someone asked me why i was smiling when i had such tragedies happen recently, and i just couldn’t even find the words to explain the gratitude that i feel for being alive, for the people around me, for the love i feel. ¬†even the people i work with, especially people like directors who don’t even work directly on my project, even they have shown me how people make all the difference.

the director ended the call with a pause, and he said, “i am so happy you are on our team, Rose. you are such a joyful person, and it makes everyone’s day brighter to hear your laughter even when we are just in a weekly status meeting.”

and that, that is the sort of thing that makes me happy to be alive.

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