so let me set this up. Lying down on my back. Ceiling fan spinning above me. Typing this on my phone in half-dazed painkiller consciousness. Resting for a few minutes from tearful painful super awesome physical therapy, trying to keep awake. Super awesome because i know i will get better! Listening to Aaliyah’s “no one knows how to love me quite like you do”. Gulping green tea for the caffeine.

Don’t we all just want someone to say “shoot, that’s my baaaaaaaby” about us? Just saying.
Also, i am thinking about how the day after my accident we stayed up watching “So You Think You Can Dance” because he said that watching it makes my body think I am actually doing it. I loved that. No wonder the next day I woke up feeling so happy. Serotonin works for real, y’all.
Also, I remember opening my eyes and feeling so happy that I could WIGGLE MY TOES! Wiggle your toes tomorrow morning, it will make you so grateful for being alive I promise!

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