everything is perfect without you.
the morning begins with silence and sunlight.
there are no good mornings.
i let the emptiness fill all the crevices, i let it creep under my blankets next to me.

you sleep perfectly without me. on the side of the bed you prefer, underneath the turning fan. no body to make you unbearably hot in the middle of the night. no head cradled in your arms to make your shoulders ache. no tossing and turning to keep you awake. no cold hand warming up on your chest. no blankets stolen away from you.

everything is perfect without me.
your happiness will bloom, for it is spring.
you will find her, or maybe you already have.
you will give her a nickname, you will call her by that nickname fondly.
she will make you laugh again.
you will hold her, and layer by layer you will forget our past.

i stare out at the buildings, at cities, at empires that took decades to build and only a single moment to level.

you will do what you want to do. i will go the places i want to go. there will be no more rules.
everything is perfect. but our imperfections made me feel complete.

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