Notes on traveling with a backpack. Unedited.

– you will never regret bringing flip flops
– it will rain at some point
– it will get colder than you think it will
– become okay with having dirty hair for a few days
– pack a snack even when they claim the hike will only be “1 mile” (because it will really be 6)
– peanut butter is a food group
– be ready to climb trees
– the stars will be worth it
– hair rubberbands are useful
– pitching a tent is less daunting than you think it is
– bring more plastic bags than you think you’ll need
– become okay with eating an apple that is slightly dusty
– put a log on the tent stake if it keeps coming loose
– when in doubt, don’t leave your jacket behind
– be honest with yourself. if you don’t want to go, don’t. if you will regret it, go
– wear a hat even if it makes you look ridiculous
– there will probably be many early hours spent in your sleeping bag debating whether or not to get up into the cold air and go use the restroom
– when climbing upwards, don’t be afraid to use your hands
– turn off your cell phone. stop worrying about getting reception.
– if there is a waterfall, walk into the water, even if it’s cold, even if you have to laboriously take your boots and socks off.

(written after backpacking through Zion National Park)

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