my hair is so long now that i wash it hours before bed, and it stays wet through the night, and even through the next day. some day i will begin a more intimate relationship with my hair dryer, but until then…

Luisa Brimble writes here about Synonym Journal.
makes me continue my contemplations on simplifying, decluttering, focusing (re-focusing).

on Synonym Journal:
SYNONYM represents moving toward simplicity, intelligence, and living a life of intention; away from clutter and the expectation of constant content. 

This project was initiated out of a mixed frustration and perplexion with our own online habits and the general disposability that exists in the sharing and consumption of digital content. SYNONYM addresses an awareness of the internet’s influences on our own work and inspiration; moving with curiosity toward a new way of connecting with others online; and treating this space as if we did not have an unlimited amount of it. 

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