Someone asked Loren if she could share his poem. His response: “yea share and write your own poems to share, i’m trying to start a revolution of feeling”

Parting Words and Salida, by Loren Kwan

If you had read this after our very last tango
And not this first day, everything still to be explored

And if I will have been honest
Then you will know these things I want to keep hidden

I am not always honest
Nor am I particularly courageous
My eye, as if to follow the flight of a startled bird
Will avoid your gaze
My embrace will stiffen with fright
And my language be useless

If I am brave at all
It is because I am thinking first of myself, my floor
And not you
I am hunting for my self among the circling throng
And not the quietude of you

For I have been afraid of you my whole life
You who are destined to change me
Who will turn my foot one way, and my head another

So that I might trust a direction I cannot yet see
But must go

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