There was something overtly uncautious about the way your hands slid over my skin.
There was no light in the room,
it was too early even for the sun.

Nobody could hear our dreams.
How do you stop dreaming and remain human?

It was an eternity that we have known each other.
But it felt like we had never spoken
or perhaps we never listened.

Our deaf ears had reasons of their own.
And now we deftly cling to syllables that seem nonsensical.
We turn to stanzas that do not rhyme.

My hesitation is louder than our deafness
My hurt beats faster than our hearts

I do not know how to run,
I only ever learned how to stand
Still against the non-sunlit room
Still against the rivalry of sisterhood
Still against the arguments that rise from your lips
Still against your kisses that pour against my tougue.

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