What it’s like for a deaf person to hear music for the first time: article here.

Chapman writes, “I did the only sensible thing and went on a binge of music.” From that binge, he composed his top-five list:

1. Mozart’s Lacrimsoa… I know it’s a depressing song but to me it represents the first time I could appreciate and experience music.
2. The soundtrack to Eleven Eleven… I can see how this comes off as narcissistic, it being my own film and all but it’s such a personal work that when I listened to it for the first time I broke down. I felt like I was truly seeing the film for the first time ever. I’m grateful that Cazz was able to capture the tone perfectly. We discussed the film and specific scenes with essay-sized reasoning/deliberations on what should be conveyed. The critical response to the film surprised me and I still didn’t quite get it until seeing the visual images coupled with the soundtrack.
3. Sigur Ros’s Staralfur… The first song I had to listen to again, over and over.
4. IL Postino-Luis Bacalov
5. Minnesota’s A Bad Place

“Silence is still my favorite sound,” he writes.

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