Sometimes, the things that affect me the most are what seem to be the most ordinary of things. 

This Saturday, the sunlight and perfect weather. The city in which I was born and raised (and that which I will always call home) is almost always humid and hot.  It’s flat, it’s plain, but my god has it caused me to notice beauty and feel perfect weather when it happens!
A month ago, in San Francisco, when I stayed at my friend L’s place. I had been there before, and so I went upstairs to his bathroom to get ready. He said, “wait, here are your house slippers. Now, you’re a real guest in my home. Oh, and by the way, have you heard of Larry Levis? He will change your life, here, you should read this.” And he handed me a blue hardcover book of poetry. 
The guy at the front desk, Scott, who remembered my name. He opened the door for me when my badge didn’t work. At lunch he addressed me by name and I did the same, and he looked at my curiously and said, “you remembered my name.” and I said, “yes, of course I remember your name. Remembering names is the secret to life.” and he chuckled and said, “well, I think there is more to it than that.” and I said, “yes, but remembering people’s names is the beginning.” And he laughed. 
When my friends know if I’m going to like that type of food or not.
When A asked, “you ate lunch alone?” and I said proudly, “why, of course. I eat lunch alone often, and I enjoy my time to myself.”
My father, when he gave me orchids for my birthday. 
My mother, who took the orchid blooms that had already fallen and put them in tiny little homemade vases made from water bottle tops. So that they could bloom a little longer. 

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